you will answer each question 3 times, once for each strategy (don’t worry strat

you will answer each question 3 times, once for each strategy (don’t worry strategies are short but helpful!). (in Beaty’s book)
For each strategy:
1. Explain why this strategy is important, effective and research-based. Please cite a reference. You will find this information in the section titled “concept” for each strategy. Please include the reference that the book includes (just the author and the year) and if there is no reference, use “(Beaty, 2013)” as your reference.
2. Describe the strategy / ideas in detail.
3. Please look at the document titled “Common Core Sstandards for Pre-K and Kindergarten” under course documents. What Pre-k English Language Arts (ELA) standards do you think this strategy is aligned with? what Kindergarten standards are aligned with this strategy? Choose a maximum of 3 for each age group.
Take a look! Common Core ELA standards are divided into reading, writing, and language.
In total, we will review 15 strategies. I want you to save them all in a word document. This will be helpful for you when you write lesson plans and the famous “EDTPA”, as you will need to use research to explain why you used certain literacy activities. I will want to see the word document with compiled strategies at the end of the semester.

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