type of dilemma include a) Ethical Formalism, b) Utilitarianism, c) Egoism, d) Ethics of care, e) Natural Law, f) Virtue, and g) Moral relativism
Requirements: 150 words
Scenario No. 5
You are a police officer who has been dispatched to a possible domestic violence call. When you arrive, the victim runs out of the house screaming, Help me! He’s going to kill me!? You notice the victim?s left cheek is cut, her right eye is swollen. You ask what happened, and she says, I had it with his drinking and fooling around so I told him to pack up and go! That?s when he started hitting me!? You enter the home and find that the husband is an off-duty officer who recognizes you and says Don?t worry, things got a little heated earlier, but its? all good now?.
As a group?create additional slides that include:
Title slide, with team member names
Introduce the dilemma
Identify why the scenario is a dilemma
Introduce the mission, vision, values, and or code of professional ethics of a justice organization.
Identify which ethical framework(s) best connects with the values or code of ethics of your selected organization and why
Provide one or more recommendations for how an employee should conduct themselves if faced with a similar dilemma (your scenario) while on the job today.
NOTE: The order of the slides is up to your team, design is open to your creativity, submit the presentation in?Power Point or PDF Only
Prepare a class handout?(3 pages maximum) that briefly summarizes:
the dilemma
the two most applicable ethical frameworks and the key learning/teaching points of each, (this should be bullet points)
Provide, at minimum five critical thinking questions you would ask students as part of a class presentation/discussion
Approach this handout?as if your group were actually presenting?your information to the class? (but you are not actually presenting)? Develop questions to ask the class that spark critical discussion, generate thinking about the tension that arises in addressing ethical dilemmas, or challenge students personal position/thinking about ethics in public service.
NOTE:Submit the document in Word or PDF format
Provide a reference sheet. This can be a separate page or added to the end of the handout. Use APA format with all the sources all team members used in preparing and researching their individual and the collective parts of the presentation, the police service source, any media links such as videos etc. used.

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