xplain how you will establish the problem or issue, and how you will relate it to the needs of your audience.



To prepare for your speech to persuade, you must complete the following planning worksheet, which must be turned in to me on the day you give your speech, along with your bibliography and your self-evaluation.





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GENERAL PURPOSE:  The general purpose of my speech is to persuade my audience







SPECIFIC PURPOSE:  After listening to my speech, the audience will







Express your specific purpose in terms of the persuasive outcome you desire—i.e. to

convince or actuate.



PERSUASIVE PROPOSITION/CLAIM:  Is your controlling proposition/claim one of


Fact__________   Value__________  Policy__________  (Check all that apply.)



Write out your persuasive proposition/claim in a COMPLETE SENTENCE:











What are you doing to gain attention: Explain specifically how you will engage the audience’s attention; write out your attention device.


What organizational strategy are you using? (Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, Problem/Solution, Comparative Advantages, etc.) Write out each step with how you will address it.)



What are your main points and what support are you using for each? Explain how you will establish the problem or issue, and how you will relate it to the needs of your audience. Include specific appeals, evidence, and visuals.


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Identify the solution(s) you will explore or advocate. Are their opposing views or arguments you should acknowledge—i.e. refutations or objections? How will you overcome objections?


Explain the rational appeals you will use.


Explain the motivational appeals you will use. Are you using emotional appeals? If so, which ones and how will you implement them? Are you using incentives? Are you using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? How will things be better/different for the audience? How will things change?  How will you use specific evidence and/or visuals? 

Action Step: In a COMPLETE SENTENCE, state the persuasive appeal you will

     express in your conclusion. Be certain it is clear, and it relates to your specific

purpose—i.e. to convince or actuate.  Also write out your clincher.


CREDIBILITY:  Explain specifically how you will establish your credibility, including

the  types of evidence you will use to support your argument. (pp. 419-21)


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RESEARCH/BIBLIOGRAPHY:  List a minimum of 5 sources you used to research your speech; use APA or MLA documentation format for all items (consult a writing handbook).










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