Project Introduction:
Imagine that your audience is completely unfamiliar with social psychology principles. They will use your
project as reference. In this project, you will provide your audience with an overview of the field of social
psychology, and explain the key principles associated with its practice.
In Project Part 1, you will focus on topics such as self and society, social interactions, attitudes, and
prejudices. In Project Part 2, you will focus on social influence, personal relationships, behavior, gender
theories, and antisocial and pro-social behavior.
After completing both parts of the project, reflect on the future of social psychology. Think about the
changes that our society is experiencing, what do you think will occur in the field of social psychology, and
what new research do you think will take place in the future?
Course Learning Objectives Covered:

Evaluate the impact of and interactions between self and society.

Apply various cognitive processes to social interactions.

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Determine the attitude of persons by analyzing their response to different situations.

Analyze the cognitive biases of prejudice and discrimination.

Analyze the ways by which social influence alters or shapes behavior.

Analyze the social psychological nature of personal relationships and the dynamics of interpersonal

Apply various theories of gender to explain social situations.

Differentiate between pro-social and antisocial behavior.





Description/Requirements of Project Part


Assessment Preparation Checklist:

Part 1

To prepare for this assessment:

Evaluation Criteria

The Project rubric will

Revisit Chapters 1–6 from the textbook, Social

be used to evaluate

Psychology. These chapters focus on social

this assessment.

psychological theories, social cognition and
interaction, and prejudices.

Revisit Modules 1–3 lessons, which discuss the
application of social psychological theories, social
cognition, and interaction in daily life.

Title: Social Cognition and Interaction
Write a cohesive research paper answering the following

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