write an article on events of september 11th

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on events of september 11th Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! There is no doubt that the American response had its economic and strategic interests, but the essential reason for US’ actions following September 11 many believe was for the defense of freedom (Bennis). Supporters of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq believed in the progress that can be made in defending freedom and democracy anywhere in the world. Freedom became after September 11 an all-purpose explanation for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The wars conducted by the US were justified as a response to the terrorist attacks which aimed the basic liberties of the American society. Freedom was soon perceived as an American good that must be promoted everywhere and the United States was seen as having the moral duty of promoting democracy throughout the world.

This belief in the right of America to guard liberty was not shared by the entire population, but as poll numbers showed as late as 2004, the majority of Americans supported President’s Bush actions. President Bush and his supporters believed that the intervention in Afghanistan would bring progress in this country and that democracy was the only way to achieve progress. The change in Muslim societies should be made in the way they perceive freedom, which is essential to democracy, which proved to be a prosperous political system. While it is yet to be seen if the attempted change in the political system of Afghanistan represents progress or not, supporters of the war believe that democracy in the Middle East will eventually lead to progress.

Even as the war in Afghanistan was initially justified as a means of national security, the United States’ longevity and continued presence has proved to be largely problematic. While the war might have started along well justified measures, it carries a toll on the American population, and the reason for its perpetuation has become hard to identify. For America, there are no benefits from winning the war other then the satisfaction of standing up and being proud. The United States should do what they do for Israel.

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