Chapter Eight (Guffey, p. 176-203) deals with positive messages. According to the textbook positive messages communicate “straightforward requests, replies and good will” (p. 200). Although there are a variety of ways to create a positive message (e.g., memo, email, or letter) and many different types of information that can be conveyed, for this assignment you are specifically asked to create a direct claim or adjustment letter using the options outlined below.

Find details on how to write a direct claim letter (p. 185-18) or adjustment letters (p. 189-192) in your textbook.
Find formatting requirements for a business letters on page 179 of your textbook (see “Format” below)

Pick ONE scenario and write a direct letter:
Scenario 1: Claim letter to Rebecca Ramsey, owner of Ginger Group Hair Design
Ginger Group is an upscale hair salon in Victoria. Last weekend, your daughter, Madison went there for a hair cut. You have been seeing Cynthia—the head stylist—for many years and are happy with her services. You wanted your daughter to see Cynthia, but since she was not available, you booked Madison in with Jennifer. Unfortunately, Jennifer cut nearly three inches off your daughter’s hair when she only asked for a trim. Your daughter paid $80 for the cut and left without saying anything. Madison came home very upset because graduation is coming and she will not be able to pin put her hair up as planned. Write a claim letter asking for whatever compensation seems reasonable. You have pictures of your daughter’s hair before and after.
Ginger Group’s Address: 3410 West 41 Ave Victoria BC, V8P 9T9

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Block all information to the left (left justify)
Include the following
your name and address
Inside address: the person and company you are sending this to
Dear Mr. / Ms. (last name): (note – full colon!)
Paragraphs: single space within; double space between; do not indent
Close with Sincerely,
Make sure you sign the letter
Enclosure: add this after your name at the bottom only if you intend to include documentation
APA requires: 12-point Times New Roman font


Be neutral and polite
Stick with the facts of the situation and avoid emotional language
Do not lecture or use sarcasm (e.g., Your company should know better!)
Employ “you view”

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