With all the political jargon floating around these days, one term you will ofte

With all the political jargon floating around these days, one term you will often hear is “talking points.” This refers to a series of themes or ideas which one side or the other wants to focus on in order to get their message across.
Assume that you will be called to make a speech to a local committee or board on a political, social, or environmental issue that affects your local community and on which you would like to make a positive impact for the benefit of the community as a whole (see Dimension 3 in the reading from Module 4). Ideally, as you plan your talking points, strive to identify a real political, social, or environmental problem in your local area that needs community attention. Identifying a real problem will help guide your research. Issues could range from requesting a later start time for high school students to dealing with crumbling city water pipes creating the threat of lead poisoning to issues with community policing, panhandling, or corruption in township government. Scan your local newspaper (online or in print) to get ideas–or just talk to your neighbors. Then based on your research into this issue, develop a list of at least five reasons why this issue needs more attention from the local community and conclude with at least two suggestions for what the community can do to raise awareness or begin to fix the problem. Explain the nature of the issue, its need for more attention, and your possible solutions.
Use at least three reputable, credible, and current sources (either reputable websites or sources found through the Ivy Tech Library subscription databases, such as ProQuest or EBSCOHost)–total of three sources. Your paper should be at least 3 pages long, double-spaced (not including the Works Cited or References page). Use either MLA or APA document and citation style, as specified by your instructor.

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