For this assignment you will post your answers to the questions in each thread. You are encouraged to conduct research and use other sources to support your answers. Be sure to list your references at the end of your post. References must be in APA citation format. All posts must be a minimum of 250 words.

1. Why is it important for employees to stay motivated in the workplace?  Provide at least two ways in which motivation is achieved in your current job?

2. Security policies such as an email policy or acceptable use policy are written by the CIO or member or the IT department. If you were in charge of writing security policies how would you convince upper management, who usually knows very little about technology, to implement the new policies?

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Forum Grading Rubric (100 Points)

Synthesis   of Concepts


Clear   Citations using APA format


Writing   Standards


Peer Reviews (minimum of 2) –   Responses posted after the current week will not be accepted


Timeliness   – 10% penalty per week for late work

Part 2- APA Format- 1 Full Page (Due Thursday)
Assignment Instructions
o Please complete the questions in a Word document and then upload the assignment for grading.  Use examples from the readings, lecture notes and outside research to support your answers. The assignment must be a minimum of 1-full page in length with a minimum of 2 outside sources. Please be sure to follow APA guideline
o Upload your submission to this assignment.

Assignment Rubric (   100 Points)

Synthesis of Concepts


Writing Standards – APA format


Timeliness – 10% penalty per week   for late work

When rolling out information security policies communications should be a priority. Looking at page 119 in the textbook, please explain the importance of this statement. (Write a 1 page paper discussing your answer).
Part 3- APA Format- 250 Words (Due Tomorrow- Wednesday)
If you were tasked with assembling a ‘toolkit’ using only free or open source tools to perform network security assessment.
(1)What software applications or “tools” would you use?
(2)What platform (Operating System) would you use?

(3)How does this toolkit differ from that you would use for an application security assessment, wireless security assessment?  You can list other types of related assessments if you know if how you might adjust for the given scenario.
Your answer should include the terms, concepts, and theories learned thus far. Cite each source used. No credit will be given if Wikipedia is used. Your answer should be a minimum of 250 words.
Rubric for Learner Post

1. Synthesis of concepts in 250 words or more
2. Applications of personal experience
3. Clear citations
4. Writing standards
5. Response to 2 other Learner’s in 150 words or more
6. Timeliness
Part 4- APA Format- 2 full Pages (Due Thursday)
The key to this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the topics, not to re-word the text or reference material. Please see Appendix A for the grading rubric on all written assignments.

Please complete the scenario below following these guidelines for your deliverable.
· Your assignment must be a minimum of 2 pages double spaced, plus a title page and a reference page for a total of 4 pages.
· Make sure you are using at least two (2) academic references.
· This submission should be created following APA 6th edition guidelines.
· The paper is to follow the APA style guide, Sixth Edition (available via bookstores).
o Also refer to APA’s online resources: http://apastyle.apa.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx
o and the APUS web site: http://www.apus.edu/Online-Library/tutorials/apa.htm
· Submit your assignment as a MSWord attachment.
· You will be required to run your paper through Turnitin.com, ensure that your similarity index is sufficiently low, and submit an originality report with your paper.

You have been hired as a security consultant to secure the network of a Fortune 500 company.

1. Describe the purpose of a risk assessment , risk scope and identify critical areas for an assessment..

2. Select risk assessment methodology and give your rationale behind the one you chose.
Part 5- APA Format- 250 Words (Due Thursday)
Using this week’s lesson and resources as a start, locate three research studies that support the premise that better managers are those who pursue an understanding of the culture and/or climate of their organization. Why does it matter to gain insight about the culture and/or climate in the workplace? Use online, peer-reviewed journal research (case study research is preferred) to inform your writing. Summarize the takeaways from the articles that can support greater skill in managing people.
What is the purpose of a forum?
Think of the forum as a classroom experience where you “meet” with your instructor and peers to discuss the weekly topic in terms of the readings, assignments and resources that have been assigned.  The desired outcome is that you are able to (1) collaborate with peers and the instructor, (2) demonstrate your understanding of the material, and (3) participate as a member of an online community.
What are the responsibilities of the instructor?
The instructor’s goal is to create an engaging and safe environment for students to learn.  In addition, instructors should pose questions promoting deeper thought as well as encourage students to interact with their peers in the classroom.  There should be an active instructor presence throughout the week.
What are the responsibilities of the student?
Each week, you are required to make a 250 word initial.
If you met the above-mentioned requirements, you will be graded at the proficient level.  However, if your desire is to be graded at the exemplary level, please provide more than what is required.  To receive 100% as a grade (the exemplary level) for the weekly forums, you should ensure that your responses meet the following criterion:
Critical Analysis – Discussion postings display an excellent understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts including correct use of terminology. Postings are made in time for others to read and respond as well as deliver information that is full of thought, insight, and analysis. The information presented makes connection to previous or current content or to real-life situations, and must contain rich and fully developed new ideas, connections, or applications. (It is important that you integrate the weekly readings in your response. One way to do that is to make position statements, then discuss supporting evidence (i.e. research and/or personal experience).

Participation as a Member of the Learning Community – Discussion postings actively stimulate and sustain further discussion by building on peers’  responses including building a focused argument around a specific issue or asking a new related question or making an oppositional statement supported by personal experience or related research. (Please plan your time wisely.  Your responses should encourage your peers to respond to your postings and build the foundation for the class to review and discuss your initial posting.  It’s important that you meet the Thursday deadline for your initial posting so that others can respond.  Having all of your work in before Sunday afternoon allows your peers to provide comments to your feedback and strengthens your ability to participate as a member of the weekly learning community discussions.)
Professional Communication and Etiquette – Written interactions in the Forum show respect and sensitivity to peers’ background and beliefs (Regardless of the position you are taking, please ensure that your participation comments are respectful to your peers’ background and beliefs).
Writing Skills – Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.  The style of writing facilitates communication. (Make sure your work is free of errors.  If there are any errors as outlined above, you will not receive 100% for the forum).
Please see the Forum Rubric located in the “Resources” section of the classroom.

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