What would you want to know that would influence your decisions regarding the company?

Select a publicly traded company of your choice. Do not select a private or non-for-profit entity. Make sure that the company you have selected has a webpage. From the company’s webpage, find the reported financial information. (Many webpages list this information under the shareholder or investor relations section.) Every webpage is different so you will need to discover the exact location for your selected company. Once you have found the financial information, obtain a copy of the financial statements to include with your report as an appendix. You do not need to include the financial statement notes. Required: Using the financial statements, provide an analysis of the company’s overall financial position in terms of its assets, liabilities, equity, revenues, and expenses. There will be accounts on the financial statements that will be unfamiliar to you. Do not let this be a source of confusion. If you have a question, ask me. I will clarify. Try to focus on the specific areas of accounting as discussed in class. The financial statement notes will also help to provide insight on what the financial statements contain. Also, there is generally a section prior to the financial statements called management discussion and analysis which is the company’s overall assessment of its operations for the current year. This section should help to guide your analysis. The length of the report should be 4 to 7 typed pages, not including the financial statements in the appendix nor including any charts/graphs/tables within the body of the paper itself, in a 10 or 12 point font. You may use additional sources as necessary including competing businesses or articles that pertain to your company. Make sure you cite all sources properly. Plagiarism will result in an automatic F for the project. Copying and pasting sections of a company’s website or financial statements without citations also constitutes plagiarism. Creating a report that consists primarily of quotes from others without any of your own original discussion is not acceptable either. As part of your analysis, you must include the following in your report: 1. Financial ratios: a. Return on sales ratio b. Current ratio c. Quick ratio 2. Horizontal analysis over a two year fiscal period: a. Total revenue b. Total expenses c. Net income/net loss d. Total assets e. Total liabilities f. Total equity 3. Vertical analysis for the most recent fiscal year: a. What are the three most significant expenses as compared to total revenue? b. What are the three largest assets as compared to total assets? c. What are the three largest liabilities as compared to total liabilities? 4. Statement of Cash Flows analysis a. What are the operating, investing, and financing cash flows? b. What is the trend for operating cash flows over the prior reported periods of time? c. Are investing activities increasing or decreasing? d. Is the company relying on borrowed funds or invested funds for financing activities? 5. Appendix with the financial statements The above items represent only a portion of your analysis. You need to make sure that you have made a sufficient analysis of the company to make a decision about the worthiness of the company as an investment. Document your conclusion in your project. The quality of your analysis and conclusion will be factored into the grade earned on the project. You have complete liberty regarding how you want to structure your report to reach your conclusion. You might want to take the perspective as a potential investor or a manager of the company. What would you want to know that would influence your decisions regarding the company? Due date – July 20, 2022

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