What types of corporate social responsibility does this company engage in?

Your paper and presentation must include an overview of the company your interviewee works at to include: the business the company is in, history, mission statement, vision, number of employees and revenue of the company;
Provide information that talks about how this company is viewed in the public?
What types of corporate social responsibility does this company engage in? (list at least the last 3 years);
Does this company promote volunteerism, service learning, or community service opportunities for its employees?  Is so, please list some of the opportunities that the company has engaged in during the last 3 years;
Your presentation must include a team picture with the executive that you interviewed with as well as a picture of the company. (Not one that was found on the web);
At least a one page summary of your teams experience when you met with this leader and your opinion of this company after your visit;
Once you have completed the interview, you must send the person you interviewed with a thank you letter/email.  Your presentation must include a copy of that letter/email and be included with your final assignment.


Adherence to the MLA, 7th edition guidelines is required for this presentation and the Works Cited Page.  All references must be cited properly within the presentation;  If you are not familiar with how to use reference materials or how to use the MLA style, please visit the UHD library or the library of your choice.  You can also go to http://jerz.setonhill.edu/writing/academic1/mla-style-papers/ for assistance.
is required to have a minimum of three (3) sources.  Teams are not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source;
The project should be at least 10 pages in length (this includes the (thank you note), and should be in 12-point, Times Roman, and be double-spaced;

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