What is your opinion of renegotiating trade tariffs.

Before we begin just a reminder from the “tips for success page”, assignment submissions should be approximately 650 words not including the questions. The links I provide are just a starting point. Search the web for any links you feel add value to your submission and reference them in your work.
Chapters two and three are inter-related. The growing dependence on international trade is changing the economic model of our economy. Talk of an impending trade war and renegotiating NAFTA will have ripple effects on our economy and lifestyle.  Lets start by watching a YOUTUBE on tariffs and the controversy.

Chapter two is an excellent overview of economics, the foundation of a business system. If you follow the business news you know that we are now in a time of rapid economic change. Bitcoin, political unrest in Iran and Venezuela, tensions with North Korea. All of these issues could have a dramatic effect on our business system and our way of life.
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There are those who would argue that the US has become too dependent on global economic systems and we are vulnerable to world events beyond our control. Others have the opposite point of view. That it is because of our global competitiveness that we are protected and diversified.  I think you will find this weeks website fascinating and a wealth of information.
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http://globaledge.msu.edu/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Assignment Questions:

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1. What is your opinion of renegotiating trade tariffs. Regardless of your political feelings from a trade perspective do you feel it is neccessary?
2. Pick a country that interests you. Do some research on doing international business there. What surprises did you find? What advice would you give to someone doing business there?
3. Finally in general do you feel that globalization and international trade have benefited or hurt the average middle class citizen in the United States?

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