The magazine Desperate Wives
publishes a survey of its female readers called “The Sex Life of the American
Wife.” It reports that 87 percent of all wives like to make love in rubber
boots. A more accurate title for this survey would be ___________________.

a) “Rubber Boot
Preferences and the American Wife”

b) “The New
Sexuality in America: Rubber Boots in Bed!”

c) “The Sex Lives
of Our Readers: Desperate Wives Women Respond”

d) “Sex in
America: These Boots Were Made for Walking and for. . . .”

Objective 1.9
 – What is the
correlational technique, and what does it tell researchers about relationships?

132. A(n) is a measure of how strongly two variables are
related to one


a) independent variable

b) dependent variable

c) experimental effect

d) correlation

The word correlation is often used as
a synonym for _____________.

a) validity

b) reliability

c) variable

d) relationship

134. A
correlation is a numerical measure of the __________________.

a) unintended
changes in participants’ behavior due to cues from the experimenter

b) strength of the
relationship between two variables

c) behaviors of
participants of different ages compared at a given time

d) behaviors of
participants followed and periodically assessed over time

135. A
correlation coefficient is represented by the symbol _____________.

a) large letter “C”

b) large letter “R”

c) small letter “c”

d) small letter “r”

136. Which of the following
correlation coefficients represents the strongest relationship between two variables?

a) .50

b) .25

c) -.25

d) -.75

137. Paul records data that
indicate that the number of hot chocolates sold at the concession stand
increases as temperature outside decreases (for example, more hot chocolates
are purchased during late fall than late spring). Which of the following
statements is the most accurate depiction of this finding?

a) There is a
correlation between the two variables.

b) There is a strong,
positive correlation between the two variables.

c) There is a weak,
positive correlation between the two variables.

d) There is a negative
correlation between the two variables.

Julie finds that the number of hours she sleeps each night is related to the
scores she receives on quizzes the next day. As her sleep approaches 8 hours,
her quiz scores improve; as her sleep drops to 5 hours, her quiz scores show a
similar decline. Julie realizes that ______________________.

a) there is a negative correlation between the number
of hours she sleeps and her

quiz grades

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