Do you use the internet to do your banking? Why or why not?
Do you feel that the internet has enabled you to more effectively manage your finances? Why or why not?
What are the pros or cons to banking on the internet?
Express your views about taxes in general and your views about income taxes.
How have recent and current events and proposals by our federal, state, and local governments affected and/or changed your views about taxes?
Do you have home or auto insurance? If so, are your insurance premiums too high? What can you do to lower your premiums?
Should people that rent a house or apartment have renter’s insurance? Why or why not?
Have you ever filed an insurance claim? Was it a good experience? Why or why not?
Credit cards and/or debit cards are increasingly replacing cash and checks as a means of payment. Do you think this is appropriate? Why or why not?
What affect has the prevalence of credit/debit cards had on the spending patterns of individuals?
Do you believe the prevalence of credit/debit cards has had a positive affect on the U.S. Economy? Why or why not?

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