What are several key differences between the American and French Revolutions?

Examine the information provided for the French Revolution and answer the following questions using at least five complete sentences.
What are several key differences between the American and French Revolutions? Do you think the French Revolution was a success? Why or why not?


The ancient mound is a very significant place for Native Americans. I think the destruction of this site wouldn’t be a great idea. Since the locals and nearby Native Americans see it as a spiritual place and a historic site it shouldn’t be destroyed. If the mayor is willing to spend 2.6 million on the project he can buy plenty of dirt to use as filling. It doesn’t have to come from that hill. I mean who knows whats in that hill. But in this situation if they decide to dig out the hill a historic site will be lost and a Walmart will be gained. Now if it isn’t destroyed the locals and Native Americans will have a historic site and maybe gain a memorial if archaeologists can find things beneath the surface.

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My thoughts are the mound is a religious site for the Native American people. The founding fathers of our country have already taken so much from this culture. They have taken their land, placed them on reservations, and have treated them disrespectfully in so many ways, this would be just another blow.  I do not feel there is any gain to the destruction of this holy place.  Sam’s can get dirt from anywhere. Alabama has an abundance of it and Sam Walton can afford it. Native Americans can’t go down the street and find an ancient monument that easily. At this point, they can’t rule out that sacred burials have not been placed in the mound as well.


Read the article discussing the ancient Native American mound in Oxford, AL
A dispute between conservationists and developers over what is perceived as sacred Native American site in Oxford, AL

What are your thoughts on the destruction of this ancient Alabama site? Do you approve? Do you disagree?
In this situation, what is gained? What is lost?

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