week 6 summary
Provide 1-2 pages on DDT use and the questions below.
How is it possible that the American Government took on sponsorship and advertising for a chemical invented by private corporations to kill people–and sprayed it EVERYWHERE with impunity?? Several times in the propoganda films, the US Government repeats that DDT was a “war-born” invention (to kill Japanese and Germans), but that now it is safe to pour on everyone and everything. Why did they do this? They knew DDT was deadly, but they went on a national campaign to use up all the stockpiles after WW2. Pay particular attention in the film to the increase in pesticide use from 1948-1958!!! this is a huge clue. Rachel Carson is a true American hero for standing up to the Government. Of course, her champion was President John Kennedy. But her book, Silent Spring, started the Environmental movement. When DDT became illegal here, we shipped tons of it to India and Africa. Why?

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