We often use personal essays to apply for scholarships and jobs. A personal essa

We often use personal essays to apply for scholarships and jobs.
A personal essay is not like our other essays. You do not need a thesis statement or topic sentences. My advice is to write three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, talk about your past. In the second paragraph, talk about what you are doing now. In the third paragraph, talk about your future. If you do not like that style, another suggestion is to write about one very, very important event from your past. Then connect that event to what you want to do in the future. Either style is satisfactory.
Please see Chapter 12 in your textbook for more examples.
Here is an example topic from a past scholarship application. You can use it to help you create a personal essay.
Example Topic:
DO NOT TYPE YOUR NAME IN THE ESSAY! In 500 words or less, please discuss each of the following topics: Your background including successes or struggles (your past), educational and career goals (now and the future), Also, discuss how a scholarship will help you achieve your goals and why you deserve a scholarship (the future). (This topic was adapted from the HCC Foundation Scholarship application from 2016.)

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