train the trainer

Identify 1-2 key concepts/theories. As a “train the trainer” assignment, the purpose of this report is to inform/educate these concepts/theories by providing a thorough analysis. Think of yourself as a “reporter.”

The approved topic is : to inform/educate on  communication within organizations (focusing on the work relationship,  organizing, and change functions within an organization).

Abstract is 150 words + Body length is to be 1,500 words , 12 pt, new times roman Double spaced. Reference page

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The report should show:

To illustrate that you have a clear understanding of key communication management principles you have learned

To apply selected communication management principles and synthesize/analyze these concepts and theories

To holistically reflect upon the information (e.g., take a look at the “big picture”).


Use APA style formatting only

Page numbering required (using “running head” APA style formatting)

Catchy title on cover page (don’t forget to use a strong verb)

Start with an Introductory paragraph (to include a “purpose statement” so we know, up
front, what you plan to discuss)

Include at least (3) main points to substantiate this purpose in your body copy

End with a short, clear and concise conclusion paragraph

This is NOT an opinion paper
o ALWAYSsubstantiateyourclaimswithoutsidesources
o Donotusepersonalpronouns(suchasI,me,we,us,etc.)

Points will be deducted for typographical and grammatical errors. Please proof, proof,
then proof again before turning in your final submission


Minimum of 5 outside references are required (this count does NOT include your textbook)

A total of 2 of the 5 sources must be from academic journals

In-text citations are required – using APA format only

Do not use footnotes as your citation formatting; use APA style only

Any/all references cited in the reference section must be included in the body copy of
your report ~ and vice versa

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