I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Critically discuss the organisational purposes that job analysis can serve. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Job analysis in the words of Armstrong (2006, p.446) is “the process of collecting, analyzing and setting out information about the content of jobs in order to provide the basis for a job description and data for recruitment, training, job evaluation and performance management. Job analysis concentrates on what job holders are expected to do.” The data collected in this practice pertains to the identification of job, its nature, involved operations, type and use of materials and equipments, inter-relation with other jobs and also the attributes of the person who will be handling the job- capabilities, training, educational level, competencies, knowledge, et cetera. Job analysis thus aims at planning for and analyzing the external environment factors or task and role components on which people have to be fit in according to their suitability and relevance. Successful human resources entail properly defined and prior settings of parameters related to worker’s abilities, job activities and environmental components. Job analysis serves as the pre-requisite in inter-linking these three types of analyses namely- worker, job and environmental. and account for overall designing of jobs, role and tasks and respective skills and talents demanded to fill those jobs (Pilbeam & Corbridge 2010). The US Department of Labor (2004) devised the Occupational Information Network database for categorized information on different occupations. Better known as O*NET, the classification diagram (Figure 1) depicts all broad and specific descriptors required to analyze a job. Jonassen et al. (1999, p.64) present a comprehensive view of the O*NET whereby the work descriptors are segregated into experience, worker and occupation requirements, characteristics regarding worker and occupation and other specifications. Figure 1 demonstrates the specific components covered under the three analyses heads which make up the sections for data collection in job analysis. In the concerned figure, the data heads pertaining to the job make up the Job Description while those related to the individual are known as Job Specification. Thus, these two are the outputs of job analysis function (IRS 2003). Figure 1: Occupational Network Diagram Source: Jonassen et al. (1999, p.64) Organizational structure is comprised of occupations which are characterized by jobs possessing similar characteristics- for example. the occupation of marketing involves closely related marketing activities but come under the commonality of marketing occupation. Every occupation in turn is made up of different positions whereby tasks assigned to people are different based on their competencies and abilities. This is where the role of job analysis emerges. Job analysis serves as the building block of organizational structure because it differentiates the position of individuals from that of their actual assigned tasks and roles. Such minute details establish processes, work methods, performance standards, training and development needs, incentives and compensation and promotion and appraisal plans for each job, position and occupation, based on the three analyses conducted. Job analysis assumes important place in human resources management because of its significance and implications in both strategic and operational issues of an organization.

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