Now: Modern Perspectives

Objective 1.4
 – What are the basic
ideas behind the seven modern perspectives, and what were the important
contributions of Skinner, Maslow, and Rogers?

61. The psychodynamic perspective was based on the
work of ________________.


b) Wundt

c) Gestalt

d) Freud

62. Professor Wenches approaches
questions about human behavior from a perspective that emphasizes unconscious
processes within the individual, such as inner forces or conflicts. It is most
likely that she accepts which of the following psychological approaches?

a) social-cognitive learning


cognitive approach

d) psychodynamic approach

63. Who claimed that behavior is affected by

William James

b) Sigmund Freud

B. F. Skinner

d) Wilhelm Wundt

64. You attend a lecture by apsychologist who uses terms such as free will and self-actualization. Which psychological perspective is most consistent
with the points the psychologist presented?

a) behaviorism


b) humanism

c) functionalism

d) psychodynamics

65. Self-actualization was part of which of the
following perspectives?

a) behaviorism


b) cognitive perspective

c) functionalism

d) humanism

Which perspective focuses on free will and self-actualization?

a) psychoanalysis

b) humanism

c) cognitive perspective

d) behaviorism

67. Humanist Abraham Maslow
suggests that when people self-actualize they

a) develop to their
fullest potential.

b) avoid negative
consequences of behavior.

c) seek maximum reward
for all their behaviors.

d) learn from their
mistakes and move on.

68. In the early part of the past century,
psychologists who broke down thought processes into their basic elements and
analyzed them were called structuralists. What term might we use to describe
psychologists with similar interests today?

a) Gestalt

b) cognitive

c) behavioral

d) humanistic

69. Cognitive neuroscientists can examine the brain
with _____________ and _____________.

a) electrolysis and PET

b) PET and MRI

c) MRI and electrolysis

d) Gama images and electrolysis

70. Josh has been participating in a clinical study by
a cognitive neuroscientist. It is likely that his brain is being studied to
explore _________________.

a) memory

b) thinking

c) other cognitive processes

d) all of the above

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