The school of psychology called structuralism used a technique called _____, which involved reporting the contents of consciousness to study a

The school of psychology
called structuralism used a technique
called _____, which involved reporting the contents of consciousness to study a
person’s experiences.

a) intervention


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b) introspection

c) insight inventory

d) induction

22. Participants in research early in psychology’s
history might have been asked to view a chair and describe its color, shape,
and texture and other aspects of their conscious experience. These individuals
would have been using a method called _________.


objective introspection

c) psychosurgery

d) psychoanalysis

Objective introspection requires

a) metaphysical experiences.

b) self-skepticism about

c) empiricism.

d) reflection on the

24. What is the best analogy for Wundt’s and
Titchener’s mission for psychology?

a) a
chart listing the basic chemical elements

b) a
list of the courses required for graduation

c) a
list of the types of clothing sold at a retail outlet

d) a
computer program for word processing a term paper

25. The structuralists were
important in the history of psychology because they

a) examined consciousness
and the structure of mental processes.

b) were the first to use
brain-scanning techniques to learn about the structure of the brain.

c) realized the limits of
introspection and focused on the structure of behaviors.

d) were strongly influenced
by Charles Darwin.

26. Which of the following
terms do NOT belong together?

a) structuralism; observable

b) Gestalt; whole

c) psychoanalysis; unconscious

d) natural selection;

27. Why was the perspective followed by Wilhelm Wundt
and his followers called structuralism?

They wanted to identify the major brain structures.

Their primary goal was to understand the physiology of the mind.

They focused their efforts on analyzing the elements of the nervous system.

Their primary focus was on describing the structure of conscious experience.

28. Which early school of
psychology proposed that consciousness was made up of two types of elements,
sensations and thoughts?

a) Functionalism

b) Gestalt Psychology

c) Psychodynamic Theory

d) Structuralism

29. Who was an early proponent of functionalism?

a) Ivan Pavlov

b) William James

c) Wilhelm Wundt

d) Max Wertheimer

30. How our minds help us
adapt to the world around us was a primary question addressed by which early
movement of psychology?

a) Behaviorism

b) Cognitivism

c) Functionalism

d) Structuralism

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