the rules and regulations governing the way of life of such people

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Therefore, although Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism are considered religions, they are more of a system of justification, affecting a culture deeply.In today’s Chinese society, Confucianism has taken root in nearly all human engagements where it is practiced as part of the cultural aspect in government, education, and guiding public and private attitudes and manners. Confucianism does not insist on serving a deity but establishing harmony within the society. This, therefore, makes Confucianism more of a philosophical ideology, a guide to good governance, and overall social morality than a religion.

In guiding morality and ethical behavior in society, Confucianism emphasizes the concept of relationships where each individual has both responsibility and obligation towards others (Yao 34).Consequently, the existing relationships between a husband and wife, parent and child, and between siblings are all based on responsibilities and obligations. Confucianism advocates for the transference of these responsibilities and obligations from the family level to mediate relations between individuals and state, bureaucrat, civilian, and subject and ruler.

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In advocating for the different levels of responsibilities and obligations, Confucianism sees these standards of associations creating a just and harmonious society. &nbsp.From the interconnectedness in society, Confucianism encourages a culture where society consists of individuals and their relationships with one another and the follow-on interdependencies. The emphasis on interconnectedness is the establishment of cooperation among members of society, which is important an important survival concept since it establishes reciprocity where people support one another in times of trouble.

Therefore, in different social relations, Confucianism stresses establishing a sense of trust, and harmony is more important& ensuring lasting friendships.

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