the proposed four storey with basement project.

Write a 21 pages paper on the proposed four storey with basement project. The study emphasized studied the problems related to the performance of the earth in the construction site. The purpose of the site investigation was to facilitate the designing process and aid the construction of the foundation of the designed building. The structural scheme report focused on suggestions to be implemented to reduce the construction costs of the building. Areas of concern are the ground slab, buildings, and rocks, and soil anchors. The design for the structure has been availed with detailed drawing plans for the building. This report critically analyses the proposed project in terms of the designed drawings in the context of a program of works, project management, environmental impacts, sustainability, cost and value engineering, and BIM and Management facilities.

Program of works is a project management tool that a construction manager develops to show how and the duration for the execution of works. It shows when the project is to commence and a set up of scope of works to the project completion phase. In most cases, the work breakdown structure is used in the construction industry. This is a product-oriented group of work elements of the project and is shown in a graphical display. It has five principles. project planning, execution, controlling, status, and reporting. The proposed project has business offices already booked by clients and therefore needs to be in the shortest time possible.

Resources are expensive in any construction work, and therefore qualified manpower must be engaged in the project lifecycle. This will ensure that resources are well utilized and the final product satisfies the client. A careful selection process should be followed in order to acquire the right personnel. The staffs require are steel fixers, carpenters, laborers, and strutting screws. Such a project requires a construction plan that ensures the client&nbsp.gets the product in due time. The construction procedure will be used to develop a work program. The work program is then reflected in a Gantt chart.&nbsp.

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