: The Impact of Roe v. Wade Decision Case on the U.S. Society.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Impact of Roe v. Wade Decision Case on the U.S. Society. On the social front, there have been two contradictory views – pro-life and pro-choice movements. While the former stands to oppose abortion, the later movement favors the same. Roe v. Wade is a United States Supreme Court case in the year 1973 that resulted in a landmark verdict regarding abortion. According to the Roe decision, most laws against abortion in the United States violated one of the most important fundamental constitutional right – a&nbsp.right to privacy. The verdict overturned all state and federal laws banning or restricting abortion that were found to be incompatible or inconsistent with its holding. It is considered to be is one of the most socially controversial and politically significant cases in the history of the&nbsp.U.S. Supreme Court.

The central verdict that came out of the Roe Vs Wade case made abortion permissible for any cause that a woman shows during the initial 12 week time. The state would legalize abortion on grounds of the mother’s health during the second trimester. Again, in the third-trimester abortion might be forbidden when the fetus can survive even outside the mother’s womb. (Hartman, Mersky, & Tate, 13) The Roe Vs Wade decision prompted huge debate on several issues regarding abortion on a national level and affected the American society. A careful examination will show that the case rather enhanced the controversy around abortion within the American society instead of resolving the same, leading to further social issues.

The Roe v. Wade case brought about mixed reactions from the public with respect to the issue of the right to choose abortion (McKay, 332. Forsythe and Presser, 163). Attitudes towards abortion differed over time (Garrow). While the Persian Empire stood in favor of abortion, the Greek and Romans permitted the same (“The Evolution of the right to privacy after Roe V. Wade”, 368).

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