The emerging field of brain imagery in cognitive neuroscience has developed methods, such as MRI, to examine

The emerging field of brain imagery in cognitive
neuroscience has developed methods, such as MRI, to examine _________________.

a) images of the living brain

b) biopsies of the brain of a

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c) select biopsied portions of a

d) acute time of death in stroke patients

72. If you are interested in how patterns, beliefs,
and customs influence behavior, you are interested in the __________





73. Samantha just had her purse stolen while walking
down Fifth Avenue in New York City which is a very busy part of Manhattan. She
screamed loudly, and several people looked in her direction, but nobody stopped
walking or made an attempt to help. She immediately broke down in tears and
trembled for 10 minutes until she could walk to her car. This is an example of _________________.

a) democracy

b) bystander effect

c) diffusion of effects

d) flaws in the judicial system

74. Jeff’s car broke down and smoke started rising
from the engine. He felt lucky to have broken down while parked in the center
of town during lunch when many people were outside and could help. However, 30
minutes has passed and despite the heavily populated area, nobody has offered
assistance. This is an example of the


a) zeitgeist

b) behaviorist effect

c) bystander effect

d) self-Serving Prophecy

75. In studying the bystander effect, a researcher is
interested in looking at differences between prison guards in China and the
United Kingdom. The researcher is taking a _________________
in this cross cultural study.

a) Eurocentric perspective

b) egocentric perspective

c) culturio perspective

d) sociocultural perspective

76. Darley and Latané (1968) believe that the presence of other people in
a distressing situation decreased the likelihood that they would receive help
due to _________________.

a) diffusion of anonymity

b) diffusion of responsibility

c) flaws in laws protecting Good

d) timeliness of onset

77. Shorey (2001) found that the brutal death of a
Somolian prisoner in a Canadian military facility could have been prevented.
One reason the beating was not stopped was the _________________.

a) bystander effect

b) Zeitgeist

c) behaviorist effect

d) Canadian prison policy

78. Professor Beverly approaches
questions about human behavior from a perspective that emphasizes bodily events
and chemicals, such as hormones, associated with behavior. It is most likely
that she accepts which of the following psychological approaches?

a) biopsychological

b) learning

c) cognitive


79. Dr. Mosher is a psychologist who tries to
understand how people select their mates. She must be a(n) ___________________

behavioral psychologist

cognitive psychologist

evolutionary psychologist

biopsychological psychologist

80. Evolutionary psychology
might suggest that certain cognitive strategies and goals are built into the
brain because

a) they help humans
adapt to their natural environment.

b) human brains are
similar to the brains of the higher primates.

c) they are the result
of learning that has taken place over many centuries.

d) they are the result
of memories we have inherited from our ancestors.

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