In this milestone, you will describe the channels of distribution structure you will use to get your product or service into the market. In doing so, be sure to identify:  The rationale for the structure you have selected.  How you will work with your channel members to help them promote your product to the ultimate consumer. This may include push and pull promotional strategies. How will you manufacture your product, warehouse it, and move the product to the next channel level?  What should your channel members expect from you, the manufacturer (marketer) of your product? How will your organization be structured to accomplish this? If you will have a sales force (or someone who assumes the selling function), discuss the selection, compensation, training, and management of your sales staff. If, on the other hand, you are selling directly to the end user (direct channel), also discuss this here. If you are providing a service to your target market, you fulfill the responsibilities of a direct-channel service provider. You will probably not use intermediaries (i.e., wholesalers, brokers, retailers, etc.). Instead, describe how you will provide the services that you will offer your target market. (Note: The product description section describes what you will provide). As a service provider, describe your physical facility, how you will deliver your service, and other aspects that suggest you are taking that which is intangible and making it tangible.

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