State the rationale for the selection strategy for entering U.S. market

You will be creating an international marketing report for an international brand/product. You will serve as a consultant to an international company breaking into the US market. Research and analyze at least two (2) current articles on an international brands’ effort to penetrate the U.S. market.  Identify the relevant and applicable concepts and theories presented in the articles and compare and contrast these concepts and theories to those from the text and other sources into your analysis.  Articles of unsuccessful branding efforts are equally note worthy and may be included in your analysis.  Incorporate all information into a preliminary marketing report (approximately 10 pages).
The marketing report should include research on the following regarding your selected home country and the entry to U.S. market.


Select product and home country.
Research current International marketing topics and issues. Identify the relevant and applicable concepts and theories for your client. These may include: market segmentation, target markets, cultural issues and barriers, packaging, product design elements and features, competition, market entry methods, legal issues, and ethical issues.
Analyze relevant components of trade agreements between your company’s home country and the U.S.
Analyze U.S. culture and provide data on laws, trade issues, economic issues and other relevant background information.
State the rationale for the selection strategy for entering U.S. market
Analyze the positioning of your company’s product in the U.S.
Compare and contrast branding strategies for the U.S. market and make a recommendation for your client.
Develop a conclusion and make a summary of recommendations. Include graphics where appropriate.

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