ssignment on an analysis of the film mongol.

Compose a 2000 words assignment on an analysis of the film mongol. Needs to be plagiarism free! The essay “An Analysis of the Film Mongol” talks about the film “Mongol” by Sergej Bodrov. The film presents the story of the rise to power of Ghengis Khan. In the discussion of the film, this essay will focus on five key points. the value of tradition and culture, the role of women, leadership, war strategy, and loyalty. Traditional and culture is at the heart of the film ‘Mongol’. At the beginning of the film, there is relative order in the country because the current Khans of the clans are strong. There is hostility between them and certainly, there is no sense of unity, but there is also no all out war. However, when Khan Yesugei is killed, things begin to unravel. It is interesting to note that he in fact killed as a result of a traditional ritual. There are certain rules which the clans respect and one of them is not to attack other clans when using a rest site. Yesugei’s clan rests in a spot where another clan has already settled. As per the usual custom, the Khan of the rival clan sends a bowl of milk to Yesugei to drink and he returns the gesture of friendship. Unfortunately, the milk is poisoned and he dies shortly afterward. This is a breaking of the traditional code of conduct of the Mongols and it is significant in setting the tone for a future complete breakdown of tradition. When the Khan dies, it falls to Temudgin, his young son and the future Genghis Khan, to take over the clan. An older member of the clan does not respect this passing of leadership from father to son.

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