Special Effects in the Movie Inception.

Need help with my writing homework on Special Effects in the Movie Inception. Write a 1500 word paper answering; To achieve the task Cobb has to go into dreams within a dream. Inside these levels of dream, the world and the surroundings are all formed by imagination and since imagination knows no bounds these levels, although similar to the real world defy the basic laws of nature. 1 Special effects have been extensively used to make the world of dreams gullible to the viewers. The major part of the movie takes place inside the dreams. Hence, to create a world of dreams in the Inception was a formidable task indeed. It is the special effects in the movie which make it appear so real and appealing to the viewers.

Even though the use of the computer is extensive in films that depend on special effects, many of the scenes were actually created in reality rather than on the computer. One of the most intriguing scenes of the movie is of the hotel which is at the second level of the dream. The fight takes place in zero gravity in a rotating corridor. The special effects supervisor of the movie Chris Corbould said in an interview that computer imagery could have been used to create special effects but it does not create the same impact. Special wooden rooms were created that were supported by steel tubing. Several hotel sets were created in an airship which included a long hotel corridor that can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise. The actors were hung on wires and with two months of rehearsal and training, they were able to ‘defy’ the law of gravity and the amazing scene was created. The scene shows Arthur fighting a couple of men in a rotating corridor under zero gravity. Then in the absence of gravity, he moves on to his four teammates and ties them by a rope and puts them in a lift. This scene is a perfect example of showing the invalidity of the laws of science in the world of our imagination. The scene appears near the climax of the movie and mind boggles the viewers with its&nbsp.special effects.

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