71) The baby bobcats watched as their mother stalked a rabbit and pounced, catching a meal that was shared by all. The next day, two of the young bobcats were seen stalking a field mouse, which quickly escaped from the inexperienced hunters. The young bobcats were learning how to hunt by the process of 71) ______

A) associative learning. B) imprinting.

C) social learning. D) habituation.


72) A big difference between social learning and imprinting is that 72) ______

A) social learning is not limited to a sensitive period.

B) imprinting can only take place among members of the same species.

C) social learning has a primarily genetic basis.

D) imprinting does not involve a reward.


73) Several primates have been taught to communicate with humans using sign language. This supports the view that animals other than humans can learn through the process of 73) ______

A) trial and error learning. B) imprinting.

C) social learning. D) cognition.


74) You lose track of your friend in a store and start looking for her. Which of the following things that you could do represents the use of a search image? 74) ______

A) You go to the department in the store where your friend most likes to shop.

B) You ask a woman if she has seen anyone around this part of the store.

C) You return to the last place you saw your friend.

D) You think about what color clothing she wore and look for that color.


75) An insectivorous bird has the choice of eating (1) meadow beetles, which are abundant and large but expose the bird to hawk predation; (2) underarock beetles, which are large and fatty but hard to obtain; and (3) underaleaf beetles, which are easy to obtain but small. The bird has nestlings to feed. As an optimal forager, it will 75) ______

A) eat all three kinds of beetles, balancing the energy spent and the risks incurred against the energy gained.

B) eat one kind of beetle at a time (first underaleaf, then meadow, then underarock), switching to a new kind when the old kind becomes scarce.

C) concentrate on underarock beetles because they are energyrich.

D) concentrate on underaleaf beetles because they are easy and safe.


76) The sending of, reception of, and response to signals constitute animal 76) ______

A) problemsolving. B) communication.

C) associative learning. D) costbenefit analysis.


77) Organisms that are nocturnal are more likely to communicate using 77) ______

A) touch and taste. B) sight and sound.

C) smell and sound. D) sight and smell.


78) Based on von Frisch’s work on honeybee communication, which of the following types of information will be communicated to other workers by a honeybee’s “dance”? 78) ______

A) the distance of the nectar source from the nearest water

B) the direction of the nectar source

C) the quality of the nectar

D) the color of the flowers producing the nectar


79) During the spring, male sage grouse gather in an open area and strut about, erecting their feathers in a fanlike display. They also make booming sounds using their inflated air sacs. The function of this dance is to 79) ______

A) frighten off smaller birds from the territory.

B) attract the attention of females.

C) select the showiest females and mate.

D) imprint the younger male birds.


80) Which of the following is communicated by courtship displays? 80) ______

A) The male represents a threat to other males.

B) The individuals intend to hurt each other.

C) The individuals are of different species.

D) The individuals are of the same species and of the opposite sex.



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