49.When studying the responses to two nominal questions, we should develop a

a.cross-classification table.

b.frequency distribution table.

c.cumulative percentage distribution table.

d.scatter diagram.

50.Which of the following techniques can be used to explore relationships between two nominal variables?

a.Comparing the relative frequencies within a cross-classification table.

b.Comparing pie charts, one for each column (or row).

c.Comparing bar charts, one for each column (or row).

d.All of these choices are true.

51.A statistics professor classifies his students according to their grade point average (GPA) and their gender. The resulting cross-classification table is shown below.



GenderUnder 2.52.5 ? 3.5Over 3.5

Male  52510



Which of the following describes the relationship between GPA and gender shown by this table?

a.A higher percentage of females have GPAs over 3.5, compared to males.

b.A lower percentage of females have GPAs over 3.5, compared to males.

c.Females and males each have the same percentage of GPAs over 3.5.

d.You cannot compare male and female GPAs because the total number in each group is not the same.

52.In the following cross-classification table, how are gender and house ownership related?

Own a houseDon’t own a house




a.The percentage of house owners is higher for males than for females.

b.The percentage of house owners is higher for females than for males.

c.The percentage of house owners is the same for females and males.

d.You cannot compare percentages for males and females since the total frequencies are not equal.



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