Scientists found that schizophrenia-related genes

Scientists found that schizophrenia-related genes

Scientists at the University of Toronto (University of Toronto) found that the prevalence of schizophrenia first (schizophrenia) disease-causing genes. Scientists say a rare mutant gene inherited from both parents Nogo, will increase the chances of suffering from schizophrenia. Institute of virulence genes previously discovered, then limited to a particular ethnic group.

Researchers Philip Seeman said, “found that the prevalence of disease-causing genes, opening a way to identify new virulence-related gene. Now scientists already know how to find the relevant genes. These findings for the treatment of this difficult disease to help. ” read more:

Research found that one in five of them, there is a person with Rat L-Selectin ELISA Kit Suffering from mental disorders in points among 81 individuals, 17 individuals from the parents to a rare genetic mutations in genes Nogo, accounting for 21%. In the control group, the healthy person is not suffering from schizophrenia only 3% Nogo genes inherited from both parents. If people loved him from a genetic Nogo gene, and will not have any impact, only inherited two genes, will increase the risk of dementia.

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