Research on the the russian federation as the largest country in the world.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the russian federation as the largest country in the world. Sixteen percent of the total populations are below 14 years, 56% are between the age of 15 years and 54 years, and the remaining 28% are over 54 years. Men have a literacy level of 99.8%, while women are at 99.6% out of 99.8%. As of the year 2014, Russia’s fertility rate stood at 1.6 children per woman. In 2006, its religious composition was as follows: 2% Christians, 13% Muslims, and 18% Russian Orthodox (Burns 556). The remaining portion comprises of non-believers.

Russia has a multi-party system with the president as the head of state and the prime minister as the government’s head. According to the 2014 GDP statistics, Russia’s per capita income was 14 600 USD. While in the year 2007, its poverty rate stood at 13.3% though it has been declining in recent years.

Russia’s rich cultural heritage has increased both domestic and international tourism. The Russian government has initiated several programs to boost domestic tourism. As a result, the number of domestic trips grew by 4% in 2013, exceeding the 2012 growth at 3%. On the other hand, international tourist arrivals stood at 23 million in the year 2010. Moscow and St Petersburg have the most amazing tourist destination. Moscow, the capital of Russia, has twenty-four five-star hotels that offer exotic accommodation facilities to domestic and international tourists. Lotte Hotel in Moscow is one of the best five-star hotels in Russia (Burns 558).

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There are several international airlines in Russia with low priced flight charges to Russia. Aeroflot airline is one of the largest airlines in Russia. It offers both international and domestic flights from its hub. Recently, close to 200 regional flight carriers are available in Russia. Direct flights from Far East Russia to Japan and Alaska are currently available (Burns 559). There are numerous means of transport within Russia, ranging from roads, railroads, air transport, and water transport.

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