The USA PATRIOT Act does increase the authority of law enforcement officials to target radical cell operations in and out of the country. The extended capability moves the red tape for an official to obtain intelligence to prevent and disrupt organized strategies and tactics. The freedom to share crucial information is vital, but most agencies hold on to the data to execute the operation and take credit. A 2013 article published by the Atlantic stated that more Americans die from auto accidents, guns, or killed by a drunk driver annually than a terrorist attack (Friedersdorf, 2013). Nevertheless, people are willing to give up rights and give more power to the government to roam as they see fit without the guarantee that their invasion of privacy will make the people any safer (Friedersdorf, 2013).  Do you support facial recognition and other types of biometric surveillance tracking systems?



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Friedersdorf, C. (2013). The Irrationality of Giving Up This Much Liberty to Fight Terror. Retrieved 9 June 2021, from

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