1. The word circadian indicates that a circadian rhythm:
    is generated from within.
    occurs more frequently than once a day.
    occurs less frequently than once a day.
    is about 24 hours in length.

5 points

Question 2

  1. During the night, which two types of sleep alternate with each other in cycles that take approximately 90 minutes?
    alpha sleep and delta sleep
    Stage 1 and Stage 2 sleep
    REM and NREM sleep
    relaxed sleep and alert sleep

5 points

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Question 3

  1. __________ is a set of mental operations that organize sensory impulses into meaningful patterns.
    Signal detection

5 points

Question 4

  1. During sleep, periods of rapid eye movement (REM) alternate with non-REM sleep in a cycle that recurs about every:
    30 minutes.
    50 minutes.
    60 minutes.
    90 minutes.

5 points

Question 5

  1. __________ rhythms reflect the adaptation of organisms to the many changes associated with the rotation of the earth on its axis.

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Question 6

  1. When Mary looks at the following display, she tends to see horizontal rows rather than vertical columns of faces. This happens because:
    lines and patterns tend to be perceived as continuing in time and space.
    the items that are in horizontal rows share the same internal features.
    items that are near each other tend to be grouped together.
    horizontal displays tend to be perceived as figure and vertical displays as ground.

5 points

Question 7

  1. Our sense of vision produces a two-dimensional image on the back of the eye, but we interpret the world in three dimensions due to the process of __________.
    specific nerve energy
    functional encoding
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