Integrative Essay Questions: Linking the Chapters

1. Tara
cannot believe what she reads about anger: “…depending on the circumstances,
sometimes it is helpful to express your feelings, but sometimes venting your
anger makes everything worse.” Tara finds this difficult to accept because she
has been told over and over that it is healthy to “ventilate” her anger. Based
on your reading of Chapter 2, design a research study that Tara could conduct
in order to examine this issue.


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2. In
the description of biological psychology, researchers note that evolutionary
psychology follows in the tradition of functionalism. Integrate your knowledge
of Chapters 1 and 3, providing supportive evidence for this statement.


Quick Quiz – textbook page 14

Amelia and Harold are arguing about the death penalty. “Look, I just
feel strongly that it’s barbaric, ineffective, and wrong,” says Harold. “You’re
nuts,” says Amelia. “I believe in an eye for an eye, and besides, I’m
absolutely sure it’s a deterrent to further crime.” Which lapses of critical
thinking might Amelia and Harold be committing?

Quick Quiz – textbook page 18

Make sure psychology’s past
is still present in your memory by choosing the correct response from each pair
of terms in parentheses:

Psychology has been a science for more than
(2,000/140) years.

The forerunners of modern psychology depended
heavily on (casual observation/empirical methods).

Credit for founding modern psychology is
generally given to (William James/Wilhelm Wundt).

Early psychologists who emphasized how behavior
helps an organism adapt to its environment were known as

The idea that emotional problems spring from
unconscious conflicts originated with (the Mind Cure movement/psychoanalysis).

Quick Quiz – textbook page 21

Anxiety is a common
problem. Which of the four major perspectives in psychology is associated with
each of these explanations?

Anxious people often think about the future in
distorted ways.

Anxiety symptoms often bring hidden rewards,
such as being excused from exams.

Excessive anxiety can be caused by a chemical

A national emphasis on competition and success
promotes anxiety about failure.

Quick Quiz – textbook page 26

Can you match the
specialties on the left with their defining credentials and approaches on the

1. psychotherapist

2. psychiatrist

3. clinical

4. research

5. psychoanalyst

a. trained
in a therapeutic approach started by Freud

b. has a
PhD,PsyD, or
EdD, and does research on, or psychotherapy for, mental health problems

c. may
have any credential, or none

d. has an
advanced degree (usually a PhD) and does applied or basic research

e. has
an MD; tends to take a medical approach to mental health problems

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