people think of psychology, they usually think of mental disorders, emotional
disorders, abnormal acts, personal problems, and psychotherapy. Describe two
other topics that are of great interest to psychologists.

  1. Describe the differences between
    psychobabble and scientific psychology.
  1. Juanita
    is studying in her dorm room when her roommate says, “Why did you sign up for a
    psychology class? Everyone knows that psychology is the same as plain, old
    common sense.” How should Juanita explain the differences between psychology
    and common sense?
  1. Shelley
    wants her grandma to keep in touch through e-mail but her grandma says, “Oh, Shelley,
    you know that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” If Shelley has been
    studying the problems with popular beliefs about psychological phenomena, how
    should she respond?
  2. A
    fortune teller reads Haifa’s palm and tells Haifa that she will fall in love
    during spring break when she travels to Cancun. As a critical thinker enrolled
    in a General Psychology class, how would Haifa react to this news? What
    critical thinking guidelines would be important for her to consider?
  3. Describe what it means to be a
    critical thinker.

.1em;”>7. List
eight guidelines for critical thinking.

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  1. One 8. One
    common form of oversimplification is “argument by anecdote.” Explain the
    meaning of this statement and provide an example.


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