Psychology, Adulthood and Aging.

Psychology please to make 3 comments in 3 different peers.

I just need 1 page for the 3 peers.

The comments should be a minimum of one short
paragraph. Whether you agree or disagree, explain why with supporting
 and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation when
appropriate. Provide evidence of critical, college-level thinking and
thoughtfulness in your responses or interactions. Avoid summarizing. Be aware of grammar and
stay on topic.

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This is the question and based in the following
question, my peer wrote it. Now base in the question and what my peer wrote and
what do you thing make some comments in them.

is the question

Considering all of the
physical and cognitive changes that happen to a person as they age, why should
older people continue to or not continue to work or go to school? Would you
want to higher an older worker (why?)? Do you think there are certain jobs that
would be better for older people? What do you think the pros and cons are for
older people to continue working and going to school? How do you think societal
views and cultural factors influence older people working and going back to

Here are my classmates what they wrote based in
the above question.


This a very interesting question. As we know the determining
factor for an older person to continue working or not, is their financial
situation. Many older adults have minimal social security pay therefore need to
continue working. However I can imagine that there are a group of elderly
adults who enjoy their job and are able to do it so they choose to keep working
even beyond retirement age. Each situation is very unique and I don’t think
there is an answer for all of them. As for me personally, I would hire an older
person just depends for what job. For example if a job would require intense
physical activity and the older person can hardly do it then this would not
benefit neither of the two parties, the employer and the elderly applicant.
However, if an older person has 40 years experience in accounting then he or
she may be a great addition to the company. However there is another problem
with that. If a person is around 70 or older, it becomes obvious that he would
not be able to perform at a job for a very long time. Therefore if the employer
is looking for someone who will grow with the company a new person at that age
will not be able to that because of lifespan limitations.

I believe societal views impact the elderly in tremendous way. Because the
common view of seniors goes back to ageism in modern western society, the
elders try to remove themselves from participating in professional activities.
I can imagine that they would feel pressured and unwanted and therefore rather
not try involving themselves either in education or working related activities.
Although is they are still able to do that it would most likely benefit them
greatly for many reasons. One they would be involved in something meaningful,
secondly the process of learning would enhance their whole presence in this

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