present action on a topic related to the IT profession


Prepare a 4- 5-minute one-point  argumentative speech present action on a topic related to the IT profession or of interest to IT Professionals. For example you might argue that an IT student should take a public speaking class..

Choose 3 good reasons for your argument (see examples below) Note that you will lose points if your 3 good reasons and 3 types of supporting materials are the same.  The 3 good reasons, are just those, your own reasons for arguing this point

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Use 3  types of supporting materials to support your argument and 3 reasons in the speech. Use only the examples of those supporting materials in pages 147 – 154 of your textbook.   Again, the 3 types of supporting materials are not the same as the 3 good reasons for arguing this point.  List the specific type of supporting material you plan to use such as “statistic”, “personal experience” to identify the material, as well as the actual citation. Tools for locating these sources can be found on pages 155-163.

Complete the attached Week 4 Presentation Outline in student materials for this assignment


Create a  5-slide,  Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with one slide for each of the three types of supporting materials to accompany your presentation, an introduction slide and a conclusion slide. If you quote sources or statistics, please provide a slide with references and refer to the source in your speech.. This presentation requires research and skillful handling of the effective use of language and supporting material


Please attach this completed outline with inserted video  link for the Week 4 presentation to the Assignment file
Please attach  an additional copy of the outline with inserted video link to the Week 4 Required Learning Activity : Attach Week 4 Presentation Outline and Video  so other class members can view your Week 4 Presentation

The outline will help you prepare your speech for this week on a topic of your choice related to the IT profession. 

Examples of Topics:

  • IT Governance – A Hands on Approach is the best way
  • Your company  should  continually upgrade security settings, or you are in danger of a security breach
  • An IT professional should take a public speaking class
  • One operating system, smartphone or table it superior to another
  • Other It related topics
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A full example of a topic and how you might develop it follows (your outline for Week 4 places to identify these):

  • Argue that one operating system, smartphone,  tablet or other equipment  is superior to another.  The 3 reasons might include:

1.One is more up to date;

  1. One has less technical problems for installation and repair;
  2. One is more user friendly than the other.


Then you need to substantiate these reasons and your      main  points with support materials from your text (see pages below)  such as

  1. Statistical proof
  2. Expert testimony or an expert’s quote
  3. Your personal experience as a user or IT professional.

You are not limited to these proofs. You can use any of the supporting materials in the text.



Video your presentation or have someone else video your 4- 5- minute speech presentation; Establish eye contact with your “audience”. Choose a neutral, non distracting background for your presentation or an appropriate office / work setting.


Submit this 4- 5-minute  audio/video presentation by movie clip or other video source, which you can post on You Tube as an unlisted document or submit via Drop Box.  Copy  the link to this video in your Week 4 One Point Outline.
Feedback and Evaluations

View the class videos for this presentation in the Week 4 Required Learning Activity: Attach Week 4 Presentation Outline and Video Link Here. Use the  attached Week 4  Individual Presentation Evaluation Form in the Course Materials for this assignment to evaluate your LT members’ presentation and your own presentation.  Save these evaluations and attach and submit to the  Week 4 Required Learning Activity: Attach Week 4 Presentation Evaluations Here  Do not forget to identify the person’s evaluation in the subject line of your reply  (John Doe’s Week 4 Evaluation).

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