Persuasive Communications, Campaigning and Public Opinion.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Persuasive Communications, Campaigning and Public Opinion. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. This tabulation of public opinions began in ancient Greece as the election represented the principal component of democracy. Persuasive communication seeks to influence the beliefs, behaviors, intentions, attitudes, and motivations of citizens. Persuasive communication aims at transforming an individual or group’s attitudes, beliefs, or behavior towards a certain event, object, or idea. Persuasive communication uses feelings, information reasoning, or a combination of the three elements (Jowett & O’Donnell 2012). This communication is more often than not used to articulate point for personal gain such as an electioneering campaign. On the other hand, the campaign is a broad discipline that dominates the political divide. It is worth noting that a political campaign is in essence an organized effort seeking to influence the decision-making capabilities of a county’s subjects. Political campaigns have had a tremendous impact on the realization of democracy the world over. In the current high profile government, candidates attempt to capture their subjects in aggressive campaigns selling ideas and policies to improve decision making. However, campaigning just like persuasive communication has no restriction to serve the political arena. Although campaigns dominate the political divide, there are numerous ways in which citizens can utilize the campaign platform. For instance, workers through their trade union campaign for better pay and conducive work environments. These campaigns ideally seek to change the attitude of decision-makers through an interactive process. Through campaign platforms, public opinion comes to light, and the decision-makers have the ability to create an informed choice. It is evident that all three elements. campaigns, persuasive communication, and public opinion revolve around persuasion.

Persuasion commonly known as human communication implies conveying information intended to change or influence others. There are certain requirements for the one conveying the message for the recipient to consider the message as persuasive. First and foremost, persuasion involves a defined objective and the mere intent to achieve the target. It is obvious that communication is the tool used to achieve the defined target.

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