Personality and the Psychoanalytic Perspective Worksheet

and the Psychoanalytic Perspective Worksheet

the following questions using the text,theUniversity
Library, the Internet, and otherappropriateresources.Your responses should be 175 to 260 words each.

How would you describe
personality to a person who has no knowledge of the field of personality

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What are some key personality
features that define you?

Are your personality features
consistent, or do they change according to the situation?

What are the main tenets of
the psychoanalytic perspective of personality? What do all psychoanalytic
theories have in common?

Complete the following table:

Theorist Main components of his theory (90 words
Significant differences between the two (90
words minimum)

Part II

Respond to the following questions in 175 to 200 words each:

  • What makes the psychoanalytic-social
    perspective of personality unique?
  • What are the main components of each of
    the psychoanalytic-social personality theories? What are some of the main
    differences between theories?
  • Choose one of the psychoanalytic-social
    personality theories, and apply it to your own life. Explain your own
    personality and personality development through this theory.

Formatany citations according to APA guidelines.


Locate and take a free online assessment that uses the Big
Five personality factors.

Writea 1,050- to 1,200-word paper describing your
personality traits based on your findings from the Big Five assessment tool.
Include the following in your paper:

  • Summarize your results.
  • Propose solutions for working with
    other personality types using the information from the Big Five assessment
    and the underlying principles of trait theories.
  • Describe how your results from the
    assessment compare to the 16 personality factors. Explain how your results
    are relative to genetics.

Include an introduction and conclusion, and cite
at least two sources other than your textbook.

Formatyour paper according to APA guidelines.

Part IV

Write a 700- to 950-word paper analyzing the humanistic
approaches to personality. Your paper should cover the following areas:

  • Compare person-centered theory with
    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  • Use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to
    discuss the extent to which growth needs influence personality formation.
  • Outline the main components of
    person-centered theory that contribute to personality development.
  • Identify which theory you relate to
    most, and explain why.

Includean introduction and conclusion in your paper.

Formatyour paper according to APA guidelines.

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