PDHPE Programming

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on PDHPE Programming. It needs to be at least 1250 words. One dimensional dieting in which a single type of food (e.g. all fruit or vegetable) is the mainstay of diet. This is non-advantageous and bowel problems and boredom are the limiting factors for its success. It may result in loss of muscle protein and dehydration.

High-fibre dieting in which fibre-rich foods like vegetables and fruits in combination with nuts and grains are consumedAlthough flatulence is an issue, the overall outcome is satisfactory and it is regarded as a safe pathway for weight reduction.

– Very low-calorie liquid dieting makes use of soy flour along with low-fat milk solids. This pattern of dieting can cause metabolic abnormalities and various serious side effects. Although some benefit is observed in the extremely obese persons, this pattern of dieting demands extensive medical supervision.

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The importance of the role of family on food choices cannot be ignored. The family plays a central role in determining the attitudes towards foods. Out eating patterns are shaped by family and therefore they may turn out to be positive or negative depending upon the family’s choices of foods.

When our interaction with the external social factors increases, the influence of peers and the knowledge that we gain from educational institutions comes to reshape our attitudes towards foods. This is the point where it is highly likely that healthy habits of eating are modified into unhealthy ones.

Evaluation will be carried out by comparing the benefit that is achieved against the cost incurred to complete the process. Based on the level of student learning achieved, recommendations for future will be developed in order to bring improvement in design of the activity.

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