paper that discusses effects of major depressive disorder on human beings.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses effects of major depressive disorder on human beings. It is crucial to point out that a depressive disorder is not simply a passing blue mood that will ease away. Rather, a depressive disorder could be characterized by persisting feelings of sadness and feelings of low self-worth that could contribute to a failing desire among individuals to engage in activities that formerly used to provide them with pleasure. These disorders include major depressive disorder (MDD), dysthymic disorder, and various forms of depressions that range from psychotic depression to bipolar disorder with each having a varying impact on the life of an individual (Durand and Barrow 207).

For the purpose of this essay, the focus will be on a major depressive disorder. According to the American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines, major depressive disorder “is a serious medical illness that disrupts a person’s mood, behavior, thought process, and physical illness” (Treatment Works 1). In most cases, major depressive disorder only exists as an episodic illness that is recurrent among individuals suffering from this disorder with the patients likely to experience more episodes of the disorders in future.

As it is the case for any other disease, the major depressive disorder affects the human being in various ways. Individuals suffering from major depressive disorder exhibit various symptoms that could vary from one individual to the other based on the level of the disease. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the effects of the disease on individuals vary from depressive moods to suicidal ideation among individuals suffering from the disease (Treatment Works 2).

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