paper on the topic Health inequalities in Britain.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Health inequalities in Britain. Britain’s Office for National Statistics mentions that the country’s subject were more well-off in almost all aspects, but these trends in lifestyles are not constant and are not distributed equally. It is shown that through time Britain’s subjects are healthier than in any point in their history. But some statistics also show that the life expectancy, risks of pregnancy and other aspects of British lifestyles are slowly being improved over time but the dilemma of unequal distribution of health benefits is still a problem. Also as the middle and upper class subjects have improved their health lifestyles, the health conditions of the poor slowly decrease.

Although the British government has meant to eradicate the problem of health inequalities, it is often not up to the task . In a report by the British Department of Health, people on the lower brackets of society have lower life expectancies in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. It is estimated that the difference between the life expectancies of wealthy individuals are 7 to 8 years longer than lower class subjects. Also the ONS reported that development between privileged and underprivileged areas are significantly different. For example, while the less privileged has had higher employment rates in the recent years, the unequal distribution of wealth and other benefits has increased.

Male professionals working on less laborious jobs have longer life expectancies than manual workers. In a survey made by the ONS, tit showed that the difference between the life expectancies of these two classes is 7 years apart in favour of professionals. It has been found that the gap between life expectancies grew to 2 years.

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