paper on john bunyan. It was after this experience with the Holy Spirit that he began preaching.

Write a 7 pages paper on john bunyan. It was after this experience with the Holy Spirit that he began preaching. However, this was not quite a smooth mission for him as he was imprisoned severally for preaching. John began preaching in Bedford, England, and it was here that he faced all those difficulties in relation to his mission. especially between 1660 and 1672. It was during his term as a prisoner when he wrote a popular classic- Pilgrim’s Progress. In his autography, Bunyan recognized the fact that the devil kept on placing mockeries in his soul. He had a feeling that his sins were not of the type that Jesus Christ died for and that he could only be forgiven if Christ descended from heaven to come and die afresh for his sins. These things tormented him for quite a long time, and that thinking of anyone of them increased his misery (Venables, 79). Although he recognized that Jesus Christ had too much love for him, he thought that He could not be forgivendue his transgressions and unfaithfulness. In addition Bunyan himself thought that his sins were beyond bounds of pardon. Worst of all, he never thought that he could ever inherit eternal life, but believed that it was quite easy for the heaven and earth to pass. It was a result of these assaults that he perceived his soul to be more of a broken vessel, hence heading into despair. He even went to an extent of thinking that as far as he was concerned, conditions and promises of the new covenant could turn another way and be changed. John went to disclose that the more he thought about these issues, the more he was overwhelmed with fears, guilt and fright leading to desperation. Bunyan likened his state to that of a man who lived in tombs, always crying and cutting himself with stones (Mark 5:25). It is from this verse of the Bible that Bunyan came to learn that neither desperation nor the old covenant would save him. In addition, both the heaven and earth were bound to pass away, while both the word and the law of grace would fail or be done away with. It was after recognition of this scripture that Bunyan experienced the goodness of Jesus Christ, got saved and confirmed that scriptures were the Word of God. Before he reached this point, one day as he sat on a bench on a certain street, Bunyan fell asleep and had a vision as though the sun that shone in heaven was against him and it could not shed enough light (Deal, 35). In addition, he saw stones on the street and tiles upon houses bend against him, and all had collaborated to eliminate him from the earth. This meant that he was unfit to live among them and he could not partake of the benefits that they harbored as he had sinned against God in Heaven. From this moment onwards, Bunyan learnt to accept and appreciate everything with thanks giving. At one time they had been commanded to go and besiege a place, but another person was chosen to replace him (Bunyan) even after he had consented. Unfortunately, the solder who replaced him was killed in that battle. Bunyan recognized that these were God’s mercies upon his life. Bunyan came to appreciate God’s divine mercies for saving his life after he fell in an extremely deep pit when he was traveling at night (Horner, 120). He also had the reason to thank God for the divine healing and provision of food, even though he was still a sinner.

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