Oral Presentations in English in an Academic Context

ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONYou have been invited to present a paper and talk titled ‘Making Effective Oral Presentations in English in an Academic Context’ to a group of English language instructors at a local university. The paper will be distributed to the audience before your talk. Do the following to prepare for the presentation:1.Write the paper using these headings/sub-headings and others that you may decide to use: •Introduction – what are oral presentations, outline academic contexts where English is important, need for speech training in English, etc.•Speaking in a formal academic context – brief description of the transactional model of (oral) communication, academic and professional public speaking skills and strategies, importance and types of audience analysis, etc.•Preparing an oral presentation – setting and audience, purpose and topic, structuring the presentation, choosing appropriate support materials, rehearsing the presentation etc.•Making an effective oral presentation – introducing the topic, presenting the content, drawing a conclusion, tips for effective delivery, etc.•Summary of the paper and concluding remarks(15 marks)2.Prepare 12 -15 MS PowerPoint slides based on the content of your paper for a 30 minute talk. Use phrases rather than whole sentences to write the text of your slides. Use numbered/bulleted lists to organise and present main/supporting ideas on a given slide. Make your slides visually interesting by using suitable colours for the background and embedded symbols and pictures as appropriate.

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