marx’s analysis of the forms of alienation.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses marx’s analysis of the forms of alienation.

Marx faced hardships most of his life which led to his deterioration hence death. At his funeral, Engel spoke bravely about his theoretical insights into capitalist society and revolutionary mission (Adams &&nbsp.Sydie, 2001, p. 23). After his death, Engel developed new editions of his old work such as&nbsp.Manifesto, and he published his works such as&nbsp.Critic of the Gotha Programme&nbsp.and&nbsp.Thesis of the Feuerbach&nbsp.(Adams &&nbsp.Sydie, 2001, p. 23). There are four types of alienation, according to Marx’s theory.

These are alienation from the product of labour, alienation from the activity of the product, alienation from the species being, and alienation from one another.In alienation from the product of the labourer, the product&nbsp.objectifies&nbsp.itself and becomes estranged from the labourer or producer. It becomes a power independent of the producer (Marx, 1971, p. 134). The product of labour solidifies itself to an “object”. it is the&nbsp.realisation&nbsp.of labour and the worker losses reality as& appears.

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The worker can lose his reality to the point of death due to starvation. &nbsp.Objectification can make the worker lose the objects necessary for his life, and the objects of work as well (Marx, 1971, p. 135). &nbsp.The labour also becomes an object&nbsp.of&nbsp.the worker and its power& realised by the&nbsp.labourer’s efforts at irregular intervals. As the product transforms to become an object, the labourer becomes alienated from the object. the demand for the object increases thus the worker&nbsp.possesses less and the product dominates him.

The realisation of&nbsp.the product leads to the&nbsp.externalisation&nbsp.inactivity of&nbsp.the product. &nbsp.Externalisation&nbsp.of the product happens when the labour is exterior to the worker. the labour is not part of the worker’s essence (Marx, 1971, p. 137). The worker cannot conform himself to the labour and becomes miserable. Thereafter, his physical and intellectual energy deteriorates, and his body& to the detrimental of his mind. The labourer is a stranger at work and at home, he& relaxed&nbsp.and comfortable.

His labour turns into a compulsory activity or rather forced.

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