List and define the four major perspectives in modern psychology.

and define the four major perspectives in modern psychology.


18. The
learning perspective is adhered to by two different types of psychologists:
behaviorists and social-cognitive learning theorists. Compare these two types
of learning theory advocates.

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19. Sociocultural
psychologists use an interesting metaphor in regard to humans and culture. They
describe people as similar to fish! Fish are unaware that they live in water,
so obvious is water in their lives. Explain why sociocultural psychologists use
this metaphor.


20. As
women began to enter psychology in greater numbers in the early 1970s, they
began to document evidence of a pervasive bias in the research methods that
were being used. Describe the biases that these feminist psychologists


21. The
professional activities of psychologists fall into three broad categories.
Describe and give examples of each of these three types of professional


22. What is the difference between basic
research and applied research?


23. Alexandra
and Holly both plan to become clinical psychologists, although Alexandra is
applying to graduate schools to pursue a PhD and Holly plans to earn a PsyD.
What different experiences and requirements are each likely to encounter in
earning their graduate degrees?

24. Clinical
psychologists and psychiatrists do similar work, but their training differs and
they tend to focus on different causes of mental disorders. Contrast the
training and approach to therapy between clinical psychologists and

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