Information Memo Details Document

Imagine you are on a project team proposing a new housing development. You just realized no one has considered the plant and animal species that might be impacted by building the housing development. This oversight is problematic because your team may be out of compliance with the primary law that protects at-risk species. 

You notify the chief executive officer (CEO) of the housing development company immediately. Now, the CEO has tasked you with drafting the official Information Memo to propose the request for the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and the incidental take permit for your company. 

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Review and complete the Information Memo Details document. This document provides instructions for drafting and compiling information that you will need to include in your completed Information Memo for this assignment. Note: The Information Memo Details document will not be submitted for this assignment. It is only used for assignment preparation purposes.

Use the information you compiled in all 4 parts of your Information Memo Details document to create an Information Memo to propose the request for the HCP and the incidental take permit for your company. Your memo can be in a format of your choice that best conveys the necessary information to your audience.

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