In-Group Versus Out-Group Behaviors and Attitudes

You are the dean of a newly formed psychology department. The department started with only counseling psychologists. However, the dean decided to add other psychologists to the department to ensure that students were learning from a diversity of sources. Now, the department has I/O, clinical, sport, and school psychologists. Despite the fact that they are all psychologists, the faculty have trouble working together.

Be sure to complete this unit’s assigned readings before answering the following:

  • What in-group and out-group issues are surfacing in this scenario?
  • How do multicultural issues impact group behaviors and attitudes?

Speak in context of this scenario but support your observations with scholarly sources.

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Response Guidelines

In responding to posts from others on this scenario, be sure to examine how they handled the following components:

  1. In-group and out-group issues.
  2. Multicultural issues that impact group behaviors and attitudes.

Together with members of your cohort, propose solutions for the issues that you have brought forth for this scenario.

Note: Remember, all of your discussion posts are expected to be written at a graduate level, be free from typos and spelling errors, and follow standard English grammar. You will need to support your points with in-text citations and references in APA style. This may include your readings for this course, but also outside scholarly sources that you obtain relevant to this discussion from our library.

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