1.  Self managed work teams can be a great way to bring employee’s together to collaborate as a team can be effective if the managers hire the right individuals. Self managed teams are given the autonomy to plan, monitor and solve their day to day projects for the company. In my opinion, having a diverse team helps bring more ideals to these teams which can provide a more effective output for the company. Self managed work groups can also have negative outputs because some individuals do not understand how to come together as a team and realize that they aren’t always right.

2.  What is a Cross Cultural Intelligence Mindset?
When we start developing a global view, when we start focusing on the needs and requirements of the international market rather than only domestic, when we start paying full attention to the needs of a culturally diverse audience, we can assume that we have developed a cross cultural intelligence mindset. A cross cultural intelligence mindset promotes global thinking, continuously work to expand cross cultural knowledge and perspective. If an organization aspires to capture the global marketplace, its leadership, employees, stakeholders, values etc. needs to surround itself with a multicultural audience. It is essential for the organization to expand its cross-cultural perspectives through working across cultures. Having a cross-cultural intelligence mindset will help the organizations to improve their performance and service the customers better, this can happen by picking up cross-cultural best practices which will lead to improved alignment, productivity, and revenues in an international market.

3.   This video goes into the importance of involving stakeholders in decisions. It discusses letting people know their roles and accountability in the decision making process. Another benefit of involving the stakeholders, i find, is that it will help you find the ones that will not go along with the decision. These people may take it upon themselves to leave the organization of they are not going to support the decisions being made. While this may cause some issues due to less manpower, it will help in the long term by allowing you to hire someone that would automatically support any decisions made because they have no idea of how things were prior. This remind me of when I was hired as a District Manager for a beverage company. The team was under performing. When I informed the team of the changes we would be making. some employees ended up leaving. While it was tough, it provided me with an opportunity to interview and hire people that would work well with the new changes. It took a while but we were able to start delivering goals in a branch that had gone three years without delivering their targets.

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4.  Management and communication are an integral part of an effective change management plan.  Helpful management and comprehensive communication during any change are independently problematic tasks however, combining the two together can be intimidating. The task goes both ways and may require a combination of the different types of managers and employees. While new leaders may come into the company with a refreshing view, there always seems to be some employees that feel detached from the new managers.  This detachment may limit overall efficiency and inadvertently hinder the employees to see the bigger picture that the company is aiming for.
For myself, I tend to be more direct with my communications because I do not want anyone to misconstrue what i am trying to say. I have learned over the years that some people really appreciate my way of communicating and some do not. For the people that do not enjoy the way I relay information, I have developed a method of softer communication. I will break issues down into bite sized bits and make sure they are comfortable with what I am saying before we move on. I also tend to answer more questions for these individuals as well.

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